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Beata Tsosie-PeñaTewa Women Unite

“Amigos Bravos is an organization that is genuine in nurturing the relations with local communities to do impactful organizing and  collaborative work to protect New Mexico’s waters. Tewa Women United is grateful for their ongoing support, advocacy and technical expertise and we look forward to continuing vital work with them in the future as partners in the Communities for Clean Water Coalition.”

Judy TorresTaos Valley Acequia Association

“Amigos Bravos was such a great resource when the Rio Fernando acequias upgraded their main headgate, helping facilitate the process with a design that would benefit all users of the Rio Fernando stream. Amigos Bravos also helped Acequia commissioners understand the importance of a healthy stream system.”

Andrew FahlundSenior Program Officer

“The Water Foundation is proud to support Amigos Bravos for their deep understanding of water policy and management, their generous and collaborative engagement with partners, and their tenacious and indomitable spirit to protect the natural treasures of New Mexico.” 

Janice VarelaSan Miguel County Commissioner and Pecos Watershed Resident

“I've been working with Amigos Bravos most recently on the proposed Tererro Mine exploratory project near my home village of Pecos. We work together as part of a larger coalition to protect the Pecos River from pollution and degradation. We're also working together to pursue Outstanding National Resource Water (ONRW) protection for the Pecos. Amigos Bravos are experts in river protection and have the science and networks to support their work.”

Stacy Quinn & Wes PattersonMajor Donors

“I felt from the time Amigos Bravos started that it was important to have clean rivers and intelligent use of water in New Mexico. They are the organization that will fight for this part of our environment. Water is life. This detail is spiritually and physically without precedence.”

Wes Patterson - In Memoriam
September 16, 1947 — July 11, 2020
“A True Amigo”

Jim LuddenVolunteer

“I volunteer with Amigos Bravos because it gets me outdoors and because I’m a scientist and like to help with investigations. I know that clean water is critical to our survival on this planet. Sampling gets me to new parts of the area.”